Amazon has expanded its flagship offerings

Amazon has expanded its flagship offerings. Now it offers access to video games at the same price.

Giant Amazon recently upgraded its offering. So far, a Prime subscription has offered free delivery, ad-free video and music content, more cloud space, and other benefits.

They added monthly access to video games to their show.

For €5.99 per month, users can now, in addition to all of the other Prime benefits, have access to the video games they add per month that you own forever after downloading. At the same time, they offer players various other “extensions” on a monthly basis, such as free in-game credits and other add-ons.

Also, every subscriber gets access to a free Twitch subscription, access to “members only” in the chat, additional colors on the chat and more emojis.

The price also includes Prime Video to watch content like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Grand Tour, The Tick, and more.

The first seven days are free, and you can read more at the link.

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