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The company’s annual report outlines what would happen if it was not allowed to send user data to its servers in the United States.

Meta, the owner of Facebook, has issued a stern warning to Europe: Facebook and Instagram will not be available if data is not allowed to flow to servers in the United States.

As reported by Mashable, the warning contained a 134-page annual report (PDF) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Meta is concerned that it will not be able to continue to provide many services if the rules for data exchange in Europe are unclear and continues to allow data to flow “between the countries or regions in which we operate” and between our products and services. “

Meta notes that the Privacy Shield transfer framework, which it relied on for data exchange between the European Union and the United States, was “canceled” in July 2020. Standard Contract Clauses (SCCs) are under scrutiny.

Meanwhile, the Irish Data Protection Commission concluded that transfers of data from the European Union to the United States do not comply with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is clear that Meta now believes she is running out of opportunities to legally share information with the United States.

The company said in a report: “Unless a new framework for transatlantic data transmission is adopted and we can continue to rely on SCC or rely on other alternative methods of transmitting data from Europe to the United States, we will probably not be able to offer many of our most important products and services in Europe, Including Facebook and Instagram, which will have a significant and negative impact on our financial position and business results.”

In other words, Meta believes that Europe will lose access to the company’s two most popular platforms if this issue is not resolved soon. The report complains that the GDPR is a “relatively new law” and is therefore still under development, leading to uncertainty. Meta also argues that he could face “significant compliance costs” and “new restrictions and requirements” if the proposed Digital Markets Act comes into force.

Overall, Meta’s complaints focus on how the company currently operates, and remind us that data sharing is critical to being able to make a profit. They don’t want to change that, as the Metin business model will eventually disappear. We’ve already seen how restricting data sharing affects businesses with Apple’s changes in iOS. It would be very difficult to deal with losing access to all user data across Europe.

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