Monitoring station 9.0 upgrade in progress…

Synology has introduced an upgrade to Surveillance Station 9.0. It is currently available in beta version. Synology invites anyone interested to join the testing program, and a link to join the program can be found on the Synology website.

The official release of Surveillance Station 9.0 was announced by Synology in this year’s new product review “Synology 2022 and beyond”. At the same time, they announced that in the first half of 2022 they will introduce a new NAS server for the DVA 1622 control system, which will be equipped with a new version of Surveillance Station 9.0 software as standard. So we hope that the official version of the solution will see the light of day in the second quarter of 2022.

Software upgrades bring a whole host of innovations. Image processing capabilities have also been improved, as well as security. Watermarking is enabled, and in the event of burglary and physical image deletion, Synology offers dual logging in the new version – one copy to the physical NAS server and the other to the Synology C2 cloud service. The process of installing cameras in the new version has been greatly accelerated and simplified, and the integration of Google Maps and OpenStreetMap has been enabled.

You can sign up for the beta testing program at:

For additional information, write to [email protected] or call 800 5484 01.

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