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NFON is heading to the Central and Eastern Europe region and expanding its activities in Slovenia, Croatia and Poland In Warsaw, Poland, which represents the NFON Center, the opening of the first office in Central and Eastern Europe.

They increase digital presence

NFON AG, a European business-cloud voice communications provider, is expanding its presence in Central and Eastern Europe by opening an office in Warsaw. The decision to increase business intensity in these countries is another step in implementing the company’s growth strategy. “The transformations currently taking place in the Central and Eastern European markets show huge growth potential for cloud telephony solutions in the coming years. Remote work will continue to be present and businesses – small and large – are also increasing their digital presence, using online channels to acquire new leads and stay on Contact with their customers. It is clear that local companies will need more support, so we look forward to helping Slovenian, Croatian and Polish companies more effectively than ever before,” says Gernot Hofstetter, CEO of NFON GmbH Austria and the Middle East.

Europe – a market of opportunities

Today, almost 90% of companies from Slovenia, Croatia and Poland do not benefit from cloud connectivity, but the market is improving in this regard. By 2025, 30% of companies in Slovenia, 25% in Croatia and 16% in Poland are expected to move their business communications to the cloud, which is in line with the trend in Western Europe. This is also reflected in the number of NFON solutions installed in European countries, which increased by 12.8 percent year-on-year to more than 573,000 in September 2021. “We have an answer to the growing demand for cloud telephony in the Central and Eastern region. With our partners, we can offer businesses reliable solutions And Simple Accelerates the digital transformation of local businesses, thus accelerating the development of the European market and local economies”, comments Gernot Hofstetter.

Warsaw business unit

Currently, NFON’s seven subsidiaries serve more than 50,000 commercial customers in 15 European countries. To support and increase its activities in Central and Eastern Europe, the company is opening a new office in Warsaw, the first in the Central and Eastern region. NFON also plans to increase the number of employees in Austria who provide support and assistance to clients and businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. By the end of 2022, we expect to increase the number of employees to 50 people. “As part of the expansion and opening of the Warsaw office, NFON is actively recruiting – and we will strengthen our team with 13 new employees. We believe that the excellent professionals and business unit in Warsaw are the right path to achieving ambitious growth goals. We are proud to enter the Central and Eastern European market, which means that we provide telephone services cloud companies of all industries and sizes in a larger market and support businesses as they grow together,” added Gernot Hofstetter.

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