The pendants “against the 5G network” can …

The Dutch Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority warns the public to avoid suspensions against the 5G network

The necklace, which claims to be able to block 5G radiation, is actually causing harmful radiation, according to Dutch authorities.

The warning came from the National Office of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS). Most recently, a warning was issued to consumers about 10 products that claim to offer radiation protection and “negative ion” properties. All 10 products already emit ionizing radiation, ANVS says, citing a recent study by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment.

“Low levels of radiation have only been measured on these particular products. But a person who wears this type of product for a long time (one year, 24 hours a day) can be exposed to radiation levels that exceed the strict skin exposure limit that applies in the Netherlands,” according to ANVS .

Ionizing radiation is dangerous because it can destabilize electrons from atoms and cause them to separate. The effect can lead to cell damage and long-term health problems, such as the development of cancer, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

However, many retailers have been selling products with negative ions for years, arguing that lower radiation can boost the immune system and increase energy levels. Dutch authorities are urging consumers to avoid wearing 10 consumer products, including the so-called “sleeve necklace”, which can be found on Amazon, eBay and Etsy for around $10.

However, there is no evidence that 5G is harmful to your health. In fact, AT&T’s low-bandwidth 5G uses frequencies that have been around since 1983. Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s network uses the 5G UHF low-bandwidth television bands that have been in use for more than half a century.

Other products tested by Dutch authorities included bracelets, necklaces and a sleeping mask that offer negative ionic properties. “ANVS has advised all known sellers of these products in the Netherlands that they must immediately stop trading these products,” the agency adds.

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