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For sustainable businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, AOC’s 9th Generation TCO Certified Displays would be a great choice.

AOC’s display specialist is proud to announce that it became one of the first 9th generation TCO-certified displays that were only recently released, on December 1, 2021. With 34 commercial models of TCO-certified displays, the 9th generation certification, AOC owns The third largest range of models on the market is certified with this rating. 9th generation TCO-certified AOC models range in size from 22 to 34 inches and offer Full HD to 4K resolution, giving users with a variety of requirements a sustainable choice of monitors.

The 9th Generation TCO certification is awarded to products that are proven to have been produced in a socially responsible manner, including responsibility and transparency in the supply chain, proven anti-corruption management, responsible use of minerals mined, and careful handling of manufactured chemicals.

In today’s world, sustainability is one of the main challenges currently facing all sectors, including IT products. The path to true sustainable development is continuous improvement, addressing many aspects, including socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing, integrating circular business models and extending the life of IT products, and reducing e-waste.

In 2021, the AOC demonstrated its commitment to a sustainable planet in many ways. In February, the AOC offices in Amsterdam were renovated with ISO 50001 certification in line with the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). The objective of ISO 50001 is to map energy flows and to identify potential savings. AOC has also conducted an external audit of the ISO 14001 standard, which specifies requirements for an Environmental Management System. The AOC defined product design with efficient means, using less Styrofoam, plastic, and ink. This year, the AOC continued to focus on social responsibility by publicizing a company-wide human rights policy with TPV and supporting gambling charities such as the UK charity SpecialEffect.

AOC’s current line of B2B monitors targets a wide range of professional users. From a portable 15.6-inch touchscreen to a 34-inch widescreen Full HD to 4K monitor, the range covers a variety of needs, from basic monitors to productive devices with built-in USB-C. For sustainable businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, AOC’s 9th Generation TCO Certified Displays would be a great choice.

“We would like to thank TCO Development for introducing this new TCO certification. Generation 9 also encourages manufacturers like us to bring more green products to the market. Together with TCO Development, we will take sustainability and the circular economy to an even higher level.” Kevin Yang said, Head of Technical Products and Compliance for Europe, CIS and Russia, at AOC and MMD.

Founded in 1992, TCO Certified is a global IT product sustainability certification (in accordance with ISO 14024), independent of the IT industry and customers, developed by TCO Development.

When users purchase Generation 9 TCO certified products, they can be sure that the product they purchased meets all stringent standards that promote social and environmental responsibility throughout the product’s life cycle. Generation 9 has improved anti-corruption standards and mineral extraction, expanded safer alternatives to hazardous materials, and introduced more ambitious standards for the circular economy. Additionally, new Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPIs) have been added to help inform customers when making product sustainability decisions.

In these challenging and turbulent times the world is currently facing, AOC is proud of this achievement. By bringing such a large number of highly sustainable products to market, AOC as a manufacturer is making a positive impact on the environment and society, while giving customers a better, greener choice.

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