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Every customer knows that integrated and professional solutions are invaluable. Why might large format printing be an exception? Print banners, billboards, chips, merchandise, jerseys, USB sticks… all in one place.

How to choose the best solution and increase the added value of the investment? We know that every client has their own story and different needs, so an individual, professional and holistic approach is needed. CDS doo is a leading digital wide format printing company in Slovenia and has been cooperating with Mimaki for more than 30 years. “From the land of the rising sun and with our knowledge straight to your workshop,” the company sums up in one sentence.

Print quality is a combination of several factors and depends on the printer, color quality, final color profile, room temperature and humidity, regular maintenance, and professionally trained personnel.

In the textile industry, the final product is dependent on the fabric itself, as well as on post-processing machines that fix or seal the heat printing into the fabric.

Therefore, CDS doo not only sells printers, but together with the customer selects the best technical and affordable package that meets the needs of the company and its development possibilities.

Printers from the famous Japanese company MIMAKI cover the following areas of printing:

  • advertising field (Solvent, eco-solvent, LED UV printers for media roll printing)
  • Printing of banners, tarpaulins, various self-adhesive films, stickers, jumbo stickers, car graphics, etc.
  • From 7900.00 € + VAT
  • textile industry (Printers for direct printing on textiles or printing on textile transfer media)
  • Large or small series printing of sample chains, garments, flags or banners, garment printing, interior goods printing, decorations, furniture upholstery, sports T-shirt printing, etc.
  • From 9,000.00 € + VAT
  • industrial printers (LED UV flatbed printers with different dimensions for industry needs and promotional products promotion)
  • Print promotional materials such as USB sticks, memos, lighters, power banks, etc.
  • Printing various products for industry needs such as printing on carton, metal, leather, plastic, glass, wood, etc.
  • From 19,800.00 € + VAT

CDS doo understands that only with the right approach and offering high quality products and services to its customers can a customer successfully overcome market challenges. In addition to devices and services, they also offer a wide range of dyes and original and alternative materials for digital printing. Call them or visit their branch.

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