Nvidia with GPU with …

Demands for graphic-rich content are growing. As modern graphics solutions are still struggling to meet the growing demands, Nvidia engineers have developed a very interesting graphics core. This is a graphic core with the product designation Hopper GH100, which is expected to contain a staggering 140 billion transistors.

The Nvidia Hopper GH100 graphics core is likely to be manufactured using 5nm technology. TSMC will be responsible for its production. It is assumed that the area of ​​​​the heart of the drawing is up to 900 square mm. In addition, the new Nvidia Hopper GH100 graphics core will be equipped with an MCM (Multi-Chip-Module) architecture.

Of course, the impressive Nvidia Hopper GH100 graphics core won’t provide much power. According to preliminary estimates, this can consume up to 1000 watts of electrical energy. As a result, the new graphics core will not be intended for ordinary users, but for servers and AI systems. More information about the novelty is expected soon.

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