Raspberry Pi Compact with 4 Guides …

It is not easy to buy affordable Raspberry Pi computers, as the demand for very exciting systems is much higher than the supply itself and the available stock usually disappears within a few hours. This is not surprising, since we can build very interesting devices based on it. This also applies to the latest Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 computer, which is actually a fully customizable and modular version of the popular Raspberry Pi 4 model.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 computer recently received a special module that will impress even the most demanding users. This is a unit with the sales label PCIe-Packet-Switch-4P, which adds up to four PCIe data buses to the popular computer. The custom module was developed by Waveshare engineers using PCIe Gen 2 data guides.

Waveshare’s custom PCIe-Packet-Switch-4P measures only 82 x 39mm and requires 12V to operate. Fortunately, the novelty is not expensive. In China, only the recalculated €20.13 should be debited against it. The novelty will soon be available in Europe as well.

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