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On Friday, February 4th, the law firm Martínez-Echevarría & Rivera Abogados hosted the award ceremony for the second edition of the Business Digitization Competition organized by Stocken Capital. The competition was a success this year, with the participation of more than 100 companies from different sectors and countries.

This law was sponsored by Albert Rivera, the bureau’s CEO, who championed entrepreneurship as a necessary value for society and highlighted digitalization as a commitment. Rafael del Castillo, CEO of Stocken Capital, highlighted the importance of the professionalization and digitization of corporate governance for SMEs as it “facilitates increased corporate value, reduced risk, and increased business survival.” He also presented the possibilities of the technology solution of Stocken Capital as an alternative source and channel for business financing after the successful first purchase and sale of the company’s shares that took place in blockchain In Spain.

The following award-winning companies received their awards at the event:

Earth’s first sound
2 Hispalis Biolab
3rd Tulum Gotham
4 detective method

The winners received free entry to the Stocken Capital platform (worth €10,000), through which they can access the digitization of their company’s capital and all platform services for decision-making, improve the efficiency of their operations and facilitate transfer to partners in a transparent environment.

The judging panel, which consisted of an exceptional panel with academic and practical personalities supporting digital transformation: Javier Garrido Torrigrossa, Knowledge Transformation Leader at Mahou-San Miguel stood out; Alfonso Martinez Echevarria y García de Duenas, Professor of Commercial Law, Director, Head of the Department of Financial Markets Law and Dean of San Pablo University School of Law; José Luis Cáceres, Chief Marketing Officer, Bit2Me and CEO, NWC10Lab; Antonio Meli, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Nucoro; Pedro Avila, BNFIX Partner.

Stocken Capital In the next few days, the technical and legal adaptation of the entities granted for capital tokenization using technology will begin blockchain. The digital transformation of corporate governance in the entity will make it easier to manage and reduce costs and litigation for companies. The platform will become a liquidity mechanism for members by allowing capital in and out through instant transfer of company shares with full validity and legal certainty.



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