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When considering what kind of printer to buy, we must first ask ourselves a few simple questions. Do we need it for home or office use, what are we going to print and how much? However, the prices are also different.

Multitasking devices, which are printers and scanners at the same time, while connected to the Internet and are really true computers with endless functionality, are no longer rare today due to their relatively low prices. You can also rent printers, something that some companies like. The possibilities of printing are diverse, but the service activity, various finishing touches, printing on special materials, etc. are also developing. We must not forget about 3D printing, which is changing production dramatically.

How does print compare to digital advertising?

If you’ve been thinking about turning off your printer, it’s time to remember why printing is one of the most powerful industries in the world.

The printing industry is one of the pillars that ensure the presence of physical advertising, such as posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, billboards and other printed materials. Press provides handy tools for attracting and engaging (new) customers. How does print compare to digital advertising? Print ads have similar or, in some cases, greater reach than digital ads. In any case, there are fewer distractions than digital ads, as readers are not overwhelmed with ads at every turn. Companies use both print and digital marketing strategies, which they find is a recipe for reaching the maximum and attracting diverse target groups.

What should a business printing environment include?

For some (smaller) companies, a smaller printer is enough to cover their printing needs. However, larger companies need dozens of multi-purpose devices along with software packages that allow them to run smoothly and smoothly. No matter the size of the company and the printing environment, it is essential that you choose high-quality printing equipment that suits your needs.

How much would a 3D-printed house cost you today?

All over the world, rather unusual houses have appeared in the past few years, created entirely with the help of 3D technology. Each innovation and new technological progress is initially accompanied by a high entry price, which gradually decreases with further development and competition. Thus, the technology eventually leaps out of the hands of petitioners and early testers into the hands of ordinary end users. Among the most interesting inventions in recent years are 3D printers used in construction. The decrease in the price of 3D printing of homes and other buildings is mainly due to new and innovative building materials, which are specially developed for the construction of 3D printed homes. What 3D houses are actually built and what was the final price?

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