The world’s largest faceted diamond sold for $4.3 million, over a billion years old

This was reported by the BBC.

The Enigma diamond has 555.55 carats and 55 facets. In 2006, it was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest diamond in the world. This jewelry is very rare – so far it has been found only in Brazil and in some regions of the Central African Republic.

The auction of the jewel lasted from February 3 to 9, and the expected price ranged between 4 and 7 million dollars. The organizers of the auction did not reveal the name of the new owner: they only indicated that he paid in cryptocurrency.

However, after the auction, crypto entrepreneur Richard Garth advertiserThat he is the owner of the diamond, and that the stones will now be called “” in honor of the blockchain company the entrepreneur founded.

In the past, people would also sell this jewelry. For example, the wife of the famous tennis player Henri Lecomte acquired the black diamond The Spirit of de Grisogono weighing 312 carats. The Gruosi of a natural weight of 300.12 carats (115.34 carats post-processed) was best known for its unusual heart-shaped shape.

What is the value of such a diamond?

This gemstone is one of the strongest forms of natural diamond. The age of this jewelry usually ranges from 2.6 billion to 3.2 billion years. Experts believe that diamonds come from space, because they contain sporite – a mineral found only in meteors.

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