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If you find game consoles to be pricey, but you have a phone and a TV, you already have a practical game console at home.

Want a new PlayStation 5? Or a Nintendo Switch? These controllers are really expensive in their own right, so you have to buy more games and – and if you want to play with the whole family or with friends – there are additional boxes, which are also not cheap.

But luckily you have all of that at home. AirConsole came up with a very interesting idea. A smartphone that almost anyone owns can act as a gamepad, and a smart TV can act as a gaming monitor.

The service is not limited to smart TVs, you can also play games on a PC (they recommend using Google Chrome to play).

They currently offer more than 180 games to play via PC, more than 90 games to play via Android TV or Google TV and more than 60 games to play via Amazon Fire TV.

You can try the service for free, the apps are available for both Android and iOS, and they can also be found in Huawei AppGallery. You can also play without the app – directly through the web browser on your mobile phone.

The monthly subscription is just over €4, but if you pay annually it will cost you less than €1.5 per month (just over €15). With a paid subscription, all the games are available to you instantly with no limit on the number of players and no ads.

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