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There is no room for error at large format printing companies. Therefore, they need a reliable printer that will be able to fulfill all the desires of customers.

Large format printing is limited. Customers want high-quality printing on large surfaces and on various materials, whether it is textiles, fabric, wallpaper, vinyl or other materials. How can quality be ensured by accurate, consistent reproductions of colors that dry as quickly as possible, are scratch-resistant and can be printed on a variety of substrates?

Also for use in sensitive environments

Epson has a solution. The SURECOLOR SC-R5010 Large Format Printer can do all this and more. Water-based resin ink is used, so it is odorless and allows the printed content to be used in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, and hotels. At the same time, the ink is highly reliable, durable and suitable for outdoor use where exceptional durability is required.

The Epson SURECOLOR SC-R5010 uses three Epson printing technologies: Halftone Module, Fully Enhanced Lookup Tables (LUT) and Micro Weave, which helps reduce graininess and stickiness. Color consistency throughout the print surface is also guaranteed. So we can say that this is a printer where you can forget to reprint it due to inappropriate colors, which may have happened to you in the past with any other printer. At the same time, SURECOLOR SC-R5010 enables lamination and one-day delivery – thus shortening production time.

Advanced technology and easy to use

The printer is equipped with 1.5L ink bags, which provides greater convenience, reduces ink costs and shortens downtime. Let’s not forget that these printers are high-tech devices, also equipped with detectors that reduce the risk of damage to the print head and nozzle check technologies that allow automatic compensation if any nozzle becomes clogged. And one more thing: the print heads can be replaced by the user himself, and without tools. The procedure takes only some time – about 60 minutes.

KLJUČNE LASTNOSTI velikoformatnega tiskalnika Epson SURECOLOR SC-R5010:
- črnilo iz smole na vodni osnovi, primerno za uporabo v občutljivih okoljih;
- 1,5-litrske vrečke s črnilom za daljše delovanje in nižje stroške;
- 4,3-palčni LCD zaslon, občutljiv na dotik;
- razširjen portfelj: transparenti, tapete, vinil, folija, tekstil;

- vse komponente tiskalnika izdeluje Epson.

Control is in your hands

On time, the printer is equipped with a 4.3-inch touch screen, which allows you to easily start printing and monitor the progress.

The SC-R5010’s 6-colour UltraChrome RS ink range allows the printer to print on a variety of substrates, such as vinyl, signage, textiles, fabric, wallpaper and film. Because of the previously mentioned accuracy, flexibility, and reliability with respect to print media, the device is the perfect choice for sign and graphic manufacturers, design agencies, and wallpaper, canvas and photo manufacturers.

Needless to say, all components of this printer are made by Epson. Also print heads, ink and software. In this way, the company guarantees a consistent level of quality that users expect and demand. Epson has also introduced the Epson Production Monitor service, which allows you to easily monitor equipment at multiple locations or multiple printers in one location. From production facilities or remotely. This way, you will always and everywhere know what is happening with the printer or printers in the company.

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