Microsoft on a larger scale…

The overnight coronavirus pandemic, which broke out overnight, has forced organizations, businesses, the school system and even individuals to respond quickly. The Chromebooks and desktops market has gained quite a bit since the crisis. Research shows that sales of cheap Chromebooks doubled last year compared to 2019.

Tablets have also benefited greatly from the “Corona crisis”. A survey by Strategy Analytics showed that tablet sales increased by up to 25 percent last year. Of all of them, Microsoft is by far the most profitable. With its Surface tablets, it climbed to fifth place in the number of tablets sold.

Microsoft sold a total of 1.9 million Surface tablets last year. At the same time, they are the only Windows tablets in the list of the five most popular tablets in 2021. In the first place, of course, is Apple, which sold a total of 14.6 million tablets. Right behind him, of course, we found a rival company Samsung. The South Korean giant managed to sell 7.3 million tablets.

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