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When we talk about smartphone design, the idea is that the bigger the better. But the reality is usually different, as Ultra and Max phones with nearly 7-inch screens and weighing 220 grams are too big for the average human palm.

Huawei has never followed industry trends, so the P50 Pro smartphone eschews the idea that premium phones have to be large “panels” that can’t be comfortably used with one hand. That’s why we invite you to get acquainted with a high-quality smartphone that does not sacrifice style and ergonomics for its performance.

Lightweight, compact and convenient for one-handed use

Huawei P50 Pro is designed with ease of use in mind. With a 16.7 cm (6.6 inch) screen that is curved on sides and edges virtually invisible anywhere else, it delivers an exceptional visual and user experience. Far from being too big to handle, though, it offers enough screen space. Weighing 195 grams, it is also the lightest of all the premium phones in the market and can be used easily with one hand.

The dual array camera is another great design achievement

P-series smartphones have always had a unique design that stuck in users’ memory. Huawei P9 introduced an innovative strip with the first dual rear camera, while the P20 was surprised by a splash of color on the back of the case. The P50 Series continues the legacy of its predecessors with the visually stunning Dual Matrix camera module. They represent a departure from generally accepted guidelines for the design of the last photographic collection.

The Double Ring Matrix Kit is very simple and attractive. Its perfect symmetry symbolizes the beauty of the structure, design and artistic approach to design. Available in two new colors, Cocoa Gold and Gold-Black, the Huawei P50 Pro is designed to stand out.

Break the laws of physics with XD optics

Adding lenses and installing high-resolution sensors has been a popular approach to finding advances in mobile photography in recent years. But since a smartphone needs to be completely compact, there are limits to how much it can be achieved through improvements in electronics (hardware components). So the next step is to hack the possible with software. More precisely, Huawei XD optics or the world’s first image signal correction technology.

Digital photography involves transferring real-life elements into raw data captured by a photographic sensor. With smartphones without enhanced software, some are definitely lost during the transition. So the Huawei XD optics uses artificial intelligence algorithms on the phone to retrieve it before the image signal processing processor (ISP) receives it. It is a bridge between reality and the mind of the P50 Pro smartphone.

True-Chrome engine and beautiful screen

The next big breakthrough is attributed to the True-Chroma Image Engine, with which the Huawei P50 Pro reproduces the vivid colors of the real world and displays them on a better True-Chrome display. The process begins at the hardware level with a multi-spectrum sensor capable of detecting almost the entire spectrum of light, or 50 percent more than sensors found in other smartphones. The scaling-based True-Chroma Image engine analyzes and adjusts color rendering, using more than 2,000 colors from the P3 palette. The result is a picture with vibrant and true colors.

The phone’s screen is curved on both sides (3D), supports 120Hz refresh and 300Hz touch sampling for a smooth and responsive visual experience, provides support for the P3 color palette and is capable of displaying 1.07 billion colors. Each is also fine-tuned (calibrated) for accurate color reproduction compared to reference monitors for professional use.

The integrity of the Huawei P50 Pro smartphone is complemented by an advanced processor, all-day battery life, and easy-to-use software for seamless connection with other Huawei devices. So the P50 Pro is a smartphone that looks great and works great at the same time.

Rich device ecosystem

Besides the P50 Pro, Huawei also introduced the foldable P50 Pocket in Slovenia, and both join a wide range of other devices recently introduced by Huawei. The first is the mid-range Huawei Nova 9 and Huawei Nova 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 smartwatch, the MateView and MateView GT screens, and the upcoming FreeBuds Lipstick, which is also a great fashion accessory.

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