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A new update to the #StayHealth app has arrived recently. Now includes more usability than just communicating with risky contacts.

The #StayHealth #app tells us if we have been in risky contact with someone who later contracted the new coronavirus.

It can be installed on Android devices as well as on iOS devices and it is completely free. It also only needs internet access (once a day) and Bluetooth access to share anonymous keys between devices.

Other European countries have a similar application, but if traveling to neighboring countries we do not need their local application, as Slovenia includes interoperability with Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

So far, users have only been informed about the risky contacts, but now they have added some interesting innovations to the app.

  • Add EU DCP Certificate
    It is now possible to add a European certificate to the application, which can be used to establish PCT status, as well as for travel to other countries around the world.
  • Certificate validation
    It is also possible to check if any added certificate is valid or valid in the respective country. Thus, for example, before traveling to Croatia, we check whether our certificate is valid in the neighboring country according to its legislation.
  • Generate QR Code for Regulators
    The new version adds the ability to scan a QR code at the entrance to the organizer (events, events, restaurants, stores, lectures, shows, concerts …) in order to provide information to users, if it turns out later that any of the visitors tested positive for the Corona virus the new. In this way, we can take extra care of our security, as not everyone needs to download the app; It is only necessary to inform the organizer of the positive result, which then introduces the confirmed infection into the system and automatically notifies all those who scanned the QR code at the entrance.

However, all data exchanged between users remains completely anonymous; The application itself still does not need access to the user’s location to work.

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