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There is no doubt that we live in a digital world where digital technology is at the fore. But what is the role of the press in this world?

Printing remains an indispensable tool for almost every business. How did he do it? One of the main goals of marketing is for the customer to consume the message immediately, whether it is in the form of a Facebook post, email, magazine or newspaper. Despite the size and global influence of the Internet, the Internet cannot do everything. Some media simply cannot be downloaded from print to the web or vice versa. This is why the largest companies use multimedia marketing strategies. They are invading the web with digital campaigns, and the physical world with print media that ensure longevity, personal interaction, credibility and information absorption without digital disruption.

Digital advertisers are at every turn, so you won’t have a problem with choosing. Regardless of your choice, the end result will be on the same level. However, more attention is needed when choosing print service providers. What you don’t want is a printer that subcontracts most of the work required, which increases printing time, increases costs, reduces efficiency and control over print quality, and impairs flexibility as you like. Look for the exact opposite – a master who can do everything under one roof and use both modern and traditional printing techniques. Tiskarna GTO Košir is a family business with a 50-year tradition that adheres to the single principle – impeccable quality without intermediaries.

The entire printing process, from preparation and graphic design to the printing itself and the final print work, takes place at the printing house in Zgornje Bitnje. Localization allows them to have a faster production process, better user support, communication, quality, and the ability to adapt to customer desires. In their long history, they have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which is reflected in their work and the diversity of printing technologies: offset, digital, screen printing, pad printing, gold printing.

Why choose a specialized printing company?

Office printers can be used for everyday documentation. However, if you want to stand out from the competition, whether through promotional products or printed materials, your company will benefit from using professional printing services, such as those offered by Tiskarna GTO Košir. In addition to being able to print thousands of pieces of paper and printed materials and providing you with fast, professional work, what else can they offer you?


In the highly competitive world of business, every little bit affects the reflection of your business. Office printers and domestic copiers can not be compared with the complex of machines GTO Košir Printing House, where industrial offset machines are operated (Heidelberg 4 and 2 color printer (). They differ not only in equipment, but also in the materials they use and the way they work. If you want For your products to express professionalism, it is always best to leave it up to printing professionals who have many years of experience in all forms of printing.

Rather than being limited to printing in one or two sizes, GTO Košir print house prints in almost all different sizes and materials. At the same time, they also take care of the details that they can’t provide at the local copy shop, such as clean edges, lamination, paperback, etching, gold printing, folding and the like. Regardless of your requirements and desires, thanks to modern industrial printers and an experienced team familiar with all types of printing, they will take care of a quality product.

With traditional offset printing, which is done on a printing machine with printing plates and wet ink, Slovenian and foreign companies supply magazines, books, envelopes, folders, brochures, leaflets and other printed materials. They cover smaller versions with faster digital printing. They use it to print posters, banners, posters and other promotional materials.

Screen printing, which has been in use for over 100 years, is used to print on clothing and other fashion accessories. The advantage of screen printing is its durability and adaptability to different materials. Modern pad printing technology is used to print on surfaces of unusual shapes. With the help of pad printing, the GTO Košir printing house creates unique products with added value for your customers or partners.

More about the typists at Tiskarna GTO Košir on their website tisk-gtokosir.si. It is also available via phone numbers 04231 56 30, 041636543 (Alish), 041275577 (Andreja).

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