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Your next favorite song may be composed by a computer. Apple has bought London-based startup AI Music, which uses artificial intelligence to create custom tracks.

Apple recently acquired start-up AI Music, which creates songs using artificial intelligence — which generates sounds from free music. According to unnamed sources who spoke to Bloomberg, the acquisition of the London-based company is expected to be completed in recent weeks.

The startup site has been removed, but the cache shows how AI Music, the Infinite Music Engine, is changing and adapting music for publishers, marketers, fitness professionals, and other professions. Technology can even adapt music to your “heartbeat”. On its LinkedIn page, AI Music states that its goal is to “enable consumers to choose the music they want and easily adapt it to their needs, or create dynamic solutions that adapt to an audience.”

In a 2017 interview, he is the CEO of AI Music Siavas Mahdavi Music Ally told the startup that the startup is “changing the look” of music to change the way songs are enjoyed rather than creating music from scratch. One method they use is to increase the tempo of the song when someone is running, or slow it down when they are walking. In more advanced applications, artificial intelligence can take over and convert an existing song and users or. Allow listeners to scroll left or right and listen to another version. Perhaps this means that we can take a song of a genre we don’t listen to and adapt it to our preferences with the help of artificial intelligence.

It’s about the idea of ​​contextual artificial intelligence. Maybe someone likes the transliteration of songs more in the morningMahdavi said. “Maybe that same song on the way to the gym is a version of Deep House or Drum Inbas. In the evening there is a little more jazz. The song can change by itself. The genre or tone in which it is made may completely changehe added.

Apple declined to comment on the acquisition, so we don’t know how much the tech giant has cut out for the startup and how it intends to use the technology in its services. For now, we can only guess, but it looks like AI could be coming to Apple Music in one form or another. Of course, using AI to create remixes of existing tracks (if Apple chose to do so) would raise a number of legal issues related to copyright.

Apple can also use lane-changing AI to create audio tracks for Apple TV+ series and movies, Apple Fitness+ workout music, or background tracks in marketing materials (AI Music writes that its AI can be used for “contextually appropriate audio advertising from the listener”). “).

Apple has quietly stepped up the music streaming service since it bought the classic music service Primephonic last August. According to Bloomberg, these are two of the few acquisitions Apple has made in the past 12 months.

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