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Today’s smartwatches are not just a fad and something of a “little” that they can afford, but they are being used by more and more people who are trying to change their lifestyle. However, we do not have to pay a lot of money for a high-quality and useful smartwatch, as we can find devices in the market that offer a lot despite the reasonable price. At Garmin, the Instinct 2 Series family of smartwatches has gone a step further by fixing it. They are distinguished by the infinite autonomy of the process, because they are filled with juicy light.

Garmin The Instinct 2 smartwatches are more advanced than the previous generation. While the latter can only be used in charging mode without charging, this is not the case with the new generation. Can be used without charging with all functions included. This includes heart rate measurement, sleeping position measurement, activity tracking and a 24/7 system to continuously monitor our health.

This interesting Garmin The Instinct 2 smartwatch measures 45mm in size and is suitable for both women and men. They are water-resistant, drop-resistant and shock-resistant, and can be used up to 100 meters underwater. However, for continuous operation, they must be exposed to sunlight for at least three hours a day (50,000 lux). Garmin The Instinct 2 smartwatches aren’t exactly cheap. In the US, we have to deduct about 308 euros for them.

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