Automating memory usage in…

If your computer often runs out of storage, it’s time to take just a few steps to fix the problem.

Many users usually collect tons of garbage on their computers. While you may consider buying more storage space to solve this problem, you should also consider taking some steps beforehand to teach your computer how to clean up the clutter for free.

Windows is equipped with a feature called Storage Sense, which can delete unwanted files.

It can be easily configured to run on a schedule, and can also run on its own when your computer is running out of storage space. Storage Sensor will automatically delete old files in the Recycle Bin, get rid of temporary files, and help you identify the types of files taking up a lot of space on each of your drives.

To set it, go to Settings > System > Storage or by typing in the “Delete temporary files” search. You can see more information about large files or folders in the right pane.

It is better to simply turn it on and the program will do everything by itself in the background.

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