How repairable and flexible is the new…

Samsung recently revealed the highly anticipated Galaxy S22 family of smartphones as part of a special online event from Galaxy Unpacked. As part of the event, Samsung introduced three new models, namely Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The design itself is very similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S21, as the bezels around the screen are almost invisible. Most of the improvements are hidden from view, so PBK fans took a closer look.

PBK web portal enthusiasts have tested the new Galaxy S22, for durability and repairability. In terms of stamina, the new Galaxy S22 got all the points, ten points out of ten. This is not surprising, because it will easily withstand even the heaviest loads. This is thanks to the solid aluminum casing and Gorilla Glass Victus + protective glass.

In terms of repairability, the new Galaxy S22 smartphone has a score of 7.5 out of ten. The main problem is that replacing the screen is not easy. In addition, the battery does not have dedicated papers, so we need to remove it with the help of alcohol. You can see how this looks in practice in the video available at

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