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The digital cloud workstation platform also includes remote desktop services and provides a space for collaboration.

Konica Minolta continues to aggressively pursue its cloud strategy and is now offering organizations another attractive opportunity to move their on-premises IT environment to the cloud, and reap the many benefits. With the Workplace One IT platform, organizations can now manage Konica Minolta’s IT infrastructure and business applications and host in the cloud. Workplace One also includes a Microsoft 365 license for all employees in the organization and a space for collaboration, communication, and project work. The complete package is primarily intended for small and medium-sized organizations with up to 300 employees and aims to relieve them of a large part of their IT tasks – and prepare them for digital transformation.

The goal is to promote digital transformation, especially in small and medium-sized businesses

“With Workplace One, we have set ourselves the goal of promoting digital transformation, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. Workplace One is an accessible and secure digital work environment always and everywhere. Information technology eases the IT teams manage administrative tasks and at the same time enable security planning, encourage communication and employee engagement.

The entire package consists of various components that are always included by default, with the migration of the on-premises IT environment to the cloud probably being the most important. This includes managing and hosting cloud IT infrastructure – servers, storage, networking and all business applications already in use in CRM, ERP, finance, information management, etc. Konica Minolta primarily focuses on the requirements and needs of small and medium businesses, which with Workplace One no longer need to worry about operation, maintenance, user management, licenses, updates or security. This allows them to save important IT resources, reduce investment costs and reduce current operating costs. A fixed monthly subscription also ensures better planning and cost forecasting. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and daily backups are also included to ensure their business is protected from data loss. However, standard multi-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data.

A space for collaboration, communication and project work

Employees can also access their business and Microsoft 365 apps through Konica Minolta’s SharePoint-based login page. This site also serves as a collaboration space providing features such as intranet, chat, social networking, group pages, project teams, file sharing, task scheduling, and news presentation. The login page can be designed in line with the corporate identity of the company and modified according to the requirements. You can access the access page at any time from any device via Microsoft Teams, mobile apps, or web browsers.

For Growing Businesses – Customization According to User Credentials

Workplace One also provides the ability to assign employees to different user groups with different credentials. This can be especially useful for small businesses that are growing and expanding. Therefore, they also want to quickly develop their information environment.

As a rule, we have three different groups of users:

  • Cloud User (Light/Full)> These are users who do not have access to business applications because they do not need them to do their work. They have full access to the Microsoft 365 home page, public web applications, and the collaboration space.
  • application user (published app user)> In addition to their cloud user privileges, they can access at least some business applications – but only those that they need to do their work.
  • Complete remote office user> This group of users has full access to all business applications and features.

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