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Do you still remember the times when you had to go to a photographer to take every picture? This was followed by sticking with albums… and when it came to creativity, that was it.

Let’s go back a decade or so and find ourselves in 2022. Photos, picture books, greeting cards, invitations, wall decorations and more – we can order everything online, anywhere, anytime.

With some providers, we have to download a special photobook design app, so we always work on one device, and the design options are limited. Have you tried Digifot yet? We have to admit that their design configurator on pleasantly surprised us and does not require any applications. The editor is integrated into the e-commerce interface itself, providing an intuitive design and ordering experience.

Simplicity and endless possibilities

What do you want to highlight? You can definitely find the right product for you in their online store revamped for ordering photo products using the design plugin. At Digifot, they are convinced that they have the largest number of product groups and offers on the Slovenian market. Best of all, we can combine any template with any product. This gives us an amazing breadth of the sales programme. We just have to pick our favorite pictures and in order that will keep the memories for years, we can’t miss it.

However, the interface is really simple and effortless, as Digifot has offered a wide range of themed items and suggestions that you cannot miss, be it a celebration, family, love, children, a simple gift, work and more. can be enumerated.

They are constantly upgrading and expanding the web interface and expanding the range of products and features, while shortening the steps for the ordering itself. If you know how to run your computer and surf the web, you also know how to design and order products from Digifot.

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