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Shopping for a new car is a mixture of excitement, anxiety, euphoria, and, in extreme cases, despair.

Nobody wants to change their car early, but we can’t avoid it. Sooner or later we will have to say goodbye to an old friend, either because of some major breakdown or simply because the car no longer fits our lifestyle. The search for a new or used car begins. Where to start, what to look for, the choice of budget and the location of the car search, all this and more awaits us before buying a new hobby.

Like most Slovenian researchers, we usually turn to the popular website or Some also turn to foreign websites ( and the like) and look for a car in nearby neighbours. We select filters and parameters for the easiest and fastest search. Once you’ve decided on the make, engine type, car model, and our budget cap, it’s time to take a tour and negotiate with the dealers. If everything goes according to plan, you will contact the dealer and become the proud owner of a new car.

We forgot something. Before buying a used car, it is almost necessary to know its history, especially if you notice some alarming signs outside or at the dealer. All you need is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and an app or service to check the history of a used vehicle. On the website, you have already noticed the Carfax service, which checks the history of your future car. However, we found another similar online service, which supposedly stands out due to its real-time operation and based on blockchain technology, which guarantees the correctness of its data. It’s called CarVertical and we’ve looked at it in more detail.

What does a CarVertical report check for a used vehicle?

The CarVertical report contains: vehicle service history, hidden damage report, mileage status, photos, previous owners report, theft logs, common faults for each model, and other useful information.

Why might you even need to check your car history? With a new car, there is no doubt that it is free from defects, and with used vehicles that have changed one or more owners, many defects can be hidden. Why would anyone falsify or hide information? Turned mileage and hidden information about the accident and the like increases the value of the car.

By checking your car history, you can save up to a few thousand euros on repairs and maintenance. Of course, you may be lucky and a car with many hidden flaws will work flawlessly, but you will likely encounter at least one major expense in the first year. You can avoid this with the CarVertical Report. According to them, all data is processed and verified, and the blockchain confirms the authenticity of their data. They say that unlike other similar service providers, their vehicle’s history data cannot be altered, falsified or tampered with.

We’ve checked exactly what they check and what details you can expect when purchasing the report.

CarVertical Report: Price?

You will have to deduct 16.99 euros for the purchase of one report, they offer a 38% discount for two reports and you will pay 9.99 euros for one report, and in case you want to inspect three cars, one report will cost you 8.99 euros. They also have a special corporate offer:

  • 20 reports 139,8 € (6,99 € per report)
  • 50 reports €299.5 (€5.99 per report)
  • 100 reports 545€ (5.45€ per report)

Before you make a decision on two or more reports, we’ve checked what their report actually covers.

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