FlashForge Creator 4 3D Printer

Recently launched, the FlashForge Creator 4 3D Printer is a multifunctional, flexible and high-performance 3D printer that delivers industrial-quality 3D printing at a size of up to 40 x 35 x 50 cm.

3D printing has proven to be a very useful technology, especially for the production of prototypes, small production batches, household accessories, required industrial parts, or unique parts that are no longer available on the market. However, we can often find a piece that slightly exceeds the dimensional capabilities of our 3D printer. Of course, the problem can be solved in several ways, but the most elegant is only one – a 3D printer of a larger size.

There is a much larger range of 3D printers on the market today than there were years ago, but in general they are generally used. The latter are mostly intended for beginners, and are usually simpler and smaller 3D printers. The range of industrial 3D printers for professional use is generally less diverse. The latter does not provide a high enough resolution or size for 3D printing.

novelty in the market

This year, FlashForge launched a premium product. It is a 3D printer that offers practically all of the above in a package. We’re talking about the Creator 4. It’s an upgrade of all 3D printers that FlashForge has ever offered users. In addition to high accuracy and repeatability, it has been outpaced the competition by its 3D printing volume, which has outperformed all previous 3D printers. Allows 3D printing up to 400 x 350 x 500 mm.

What does Creator 4 offer?

FlashForge Creator 4 provides a wide range of applications. It is a flexible and high performance professional 3D printer. To cover a larger number of users, it is available in three versions, that is, with three different types of extruder. In this way, it meets many of the needs of 3D printing, even those with the most demanding materials.

Two independent extruders for more efficient use of time

The Creator 4 contains two independent extruders (IDEX), allowing easy 3D printing of parts of complex shapes using water-soluble supports. Thus, the time-consuming removal of supports is sometimes a thing of the past. It also allows you to print two identical pieces at the same time, which means twice the time for smaller productions. The extruders are available in three versions, namely “F”, “HT” and “HS”, the latter also suitable for 3D printing using carbon fiber (carbon fiber) filaments. Of course, the open system offers the possibility of 3D printing with a wide range of filaments.

High precision for the most demanding cutting

Precise linear guides on the X and Y axes combined with an optimally heated chamber ensure accurate 3D printing. All-new “S-Type” motion control achieves smoother starting and stopping, more precise positioning and superior accuracy of the printed form. The stainless steel housing ensures the stability of the printer, reduces printing vibration, and ensures sustainable and efficient operation.

Large size to cover larger dimensions

By increasing the size available for 3D printing, FlashForge has provided coverage for a wide range of needs. The 3D printing size of 400mm x 350mm x 500mm ensures that some pieces will be too large for 3D printing. Combined with accurate 3D printing, robust housing, industrial quality components, high volume 3D printing and a much lower price than competing 3D printers, it is an exceptional tool for modern solutions.

If you are interested in any other details, visit www.3way.si. (Public relations)

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