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The world has changed a lot in the past two years, and technology helps us achieve success in the new reality.

Companies of all sizes and in all sectors have found themselves in one of the most challenging periods of recent decades. In order to succeed in the “new world”, they must invest in new tools and processes, because only in this way they remain innovative, retain committed employees, successfully communicate with customers and remain competitive.

Some previous Covid-19 research has shown that nearly three-quarters of employees expect flexible working to become a normal thing in the future. In the experience of the past two years, this percentage is now expected to be higher.

Whether we work in the office or from home, it is important to always have all the tools we need for our work. We’ve all had a situation where we could print or perhaps scan a document in an instant, and we didn’t have a printer on hand. At RICOH, they can assure you that this will never happen again.

A revolutionary compact man can do anything

In the range of multifunctional devices, we find the ideal device for working in a company and working from home. The RICOH MC240FW color multifunction machine is a professional choice, its multiple functions include color and black and white printing, copying, scanning and faxing. An integrated document feeder automates manual scanning and printing at up to 24 color pages per minute.

You may have sweated in the past when installing a printer or MFP. With the RICOH MC240FW, this worry is unnecessary because installation couldn’t be easier. A Wi-Fi wizard connects the MFP to the home network, and a color touch screen in Slovenian simplifies management even more.

mobile printing

How many times have you wanted to print something from your mobile phone, followed by sending it to your computer and thus the unnecessary work and time you spent on it. With mobile printing, users can easily print from a mobile phone or other device – even from other locations. Really convenient!

Of course, you can also print on both sides with this MFP. You’ll use less paper and still print at lightning speed. In addition, the device supports high-efficiency all-in-one cartridges.

The RICOH MC240FW multifunctional device combines in a compact body everything you need for an efficient office.

But this is not the only option

The portfolio is completed by the M3P, M320F and M320FB series of black and white printers. With them, printing, scanning and copying documents will be a small snack. The M320F and M320FB can also send faxes. After 30 seconds of operation, each of these devices is ready for use. The productivity will amaze you. They will print the first page 7.5 seconds after pressing “Print” on the screen of your computer or smartphone. They also have a tray for 250 extra sheets.

Built-in multifunctional appliances can be placed on a table, table or shelf, and they will find their place anywhere. As for installation and start-up, as we have already written in MC240FW: the wizard guides you and you have nothing to lose. The 4.3 inch touch screen will also help you to manage it.

RICOH devices provide best in class safety levels. From encrypted communications to secure email. Various operating systems are supported: Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also supports the locked print feature to print documents with confidential information.

Whether you want to improve the user experience, automate processes, or enable secure hybrid work, you can count on their support in your transformation path.

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