A mask accused of abusing monkeys has been tested on Neuralink chips

This was reported by the New York Post.

Neuralink is developing brain implants that interact with the human brain and electronic device. We’ve been working on this technology since 2016, and tests on monkeys have been going on since 2017. And in 2021, the developers presented a video in which a transplanted monkey plays the “Power of Thought” video game.

Animal rights activists say the company subjected the animals to extreme suffering over years of testing, so they filed a complaint with the USDA about the tests. The document lists many different cases in which monkeys were badly injured and died during trials.

In one case, the monkey lost fingers from a limb, possibly due to self-harm, and later died in other tests. Another monkey, according to animal rights activists, had a hole in the skull for electrodes, which caused it to develop a skin infection, so the monkey was put to sleep. In another case, electrodes were inserted into the monkey’s brain, after which the monkey developed vomiting and shortness of breath. She also had to fall asleep.

According to animal rights activists, 23 monkeys participated in the experiments, of which only 8 survived, but the company claims that they respect the lives of animals and the published data is misleading.

More about getting started

Neuralink is an American company that develops brain implants. Created with the participation of Ilona Maska, the company began its activities in 2016, and was presented to the public in March 2017.

Its development should become a global neural interface that can ensure virtually uninterrupted communication between human and machine, becoming an extension of our brain.

The neural interface can help people with nervous system disorders overcome physical limitations: moving after a spinal cord injury or seeing and hearing despite brain damage.

Elon Musk promises Neuralink will restore paralyzed movement, give people “oversight” and allow them to communicate with ideas, not words.

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