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You must have run into a dilemma when your printing device ran out and you had to replace it.

At the time of digitization You don’t know if you will replace it or prefer to switch to a paperless business. Copia biro doo can help you rent or purchase a wide range of printing equipment, as well as centralize the printing system and transition to paperless operations with the help of the document system. Canon Platinum’s only partner in Slovenia has experts who are happy to assist you and help you find the perfect solution for your business.

What kind of machine do you need?

When choosing a new printing device, it is advisable to first consider whether you will need a laser or an inkjet device. They can help you with both parts, as they offer everything from the smallest of multiple inkjet jobs, including bottle-filled printers, to large format printers that can print up to 152.40cm and are designed to print plans or print photos.

In the laser device segment, they offer everything from the smallest printer or multifunction device suitable for home use to the most advanced office equipment. For the most demanding users, for whom printing is one of their main activities, they have digital devices or production equipment that you can test on their premises.

It has been in the market for more than 30 years. During this time, they have gained a lot of experience and they don’t know the term ‘won’t come’ or ‘won’t come’, but they always find the perfect solution for clients. Due to their quick response, they have won the “Best Canon Service in Slovenia” award for several years in a row, and this year they received Canon Platinum Partner status in recognition of their work.

Due to the transition to digitization, the scanner is now an almost indispensable part of office equipment, in addition to converting paper documents into digital form, and also allows you to copy documents. The scanner is available as a standalone device or as part of a multifunction device. A very useful feature is the Checklist. This allows you to scan documents, and you can set up a shortcut on your device that sends scanned documents to your email, cloud, document system, or other frequently used folder with the touch of a button. They have highlighted the mobile printing function, which allows printing from anywhere. Therefore, Canon has developed a program that Copia biro doo is happy to present to you. At the same time, it makes printing more secure by locking out devices for anyone who works with sensitive documents and doesn’t want anyone passing by a printing device to read them. In addition to locking devices, it allows you to monitor the cost of printing in the company in real time by the user or by device, thus helping to reduce printing costs.

What is a maintenance contract?

The eternal dilemma is whether to buy or rent a device – they leave that decision up to you. It is recommended to conclude a maintenance contract when you decide to purchase the equipment. This gives you the same benefits as renting a device. Maintenance is paid according to the number of unmade copies, which the device itself reports from its metering device. The price of the hard copy includes all costs of toners, replacement parts, total service, travel, and troubleshooting. This means that you buy the machine, and then leave all your worries about operation to the Copie biro doo team who provide consumables, rescue in case of breakdowns and take care of the regular maintenance of the machine. All this is included in the price of the print edition. With a maintenance contract, you are guaranteed a shorter response time for service technicians and a replacement device. In the event that the machine cannot be repaired on site, the replacement machine will ensure that your work process will not be interrupted. They offer their contractors an exchange of devices according to the old system for the new.

In Copia biro doo, they keep pace with the times and follow the trend of digitization and the transition to paperless business. They can help you in this area with hardware, they can provide you with the simplest and most demanding scanners, as well as software. They have experts under their wing to help you with the initial steps in digitization or to help you set up a complete archiving and business automation system tailored to your business processes and needs. (Public relations)

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