Fans of the game are increasingly swearing …

Valve Corporation has published interesting information about users of its services who swear by the very popular Steam gaming platform. The data showed that 77.8% of Microsoft Windows 10 users swear by cloud computer games, and compared to the previous period, the share of users of this system increased by about 10%, which indicates that Microsoft’s latest operating system is great at playing cloud computer games. .

Valve Corporation also announced that fans of their online gaming platform increasingly swear by Windows 11. This is currently used by 13.56 percent of online gaming enthusiasts. And their share increased by 3.41 percent compared to December of last year. Experts are convinced that their share will increase by up to 20 percent by the end of this year.

For the rest of the hardware, Nvidia graphics cards prevail. Up to 75.4 percent of gamers swear by it, and 15.02 percent swear by AMD graphics cards. 37 percent of users swear by quad-core processors, while 10-core processors swear by about 32 percent of users. Among the latter, the powerful and relatively inexpensive Intel Alder Lake-S Core i5-12600 processor is especially popular.

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