Mobile phone batteries will…

The European Parliament recently adopted an unusual regulation that will particularly impress smartphone users. This is a list that requires the expiration date of smartphone batteries. This means that smartphone manufacturers will have to start making devices that allow easy replacement of batteries.

In fact, the new battery regulation obliges manufacturers to produce phones in which the battery can be replaced easily and bear the expected durability mark. The regulation should come into effect by 2024 at the latest, by which time smartphone makers have time to adapt to the new rules. Of course, users will benefit more from that.

The battery regulation was actually adopted just a month after the EU Council proposed making the USB-C port a common standard for charging electronic devices in the EU. According to them, this should reduce e-waste. In addition, the end user format is expected to benefit the end users. They will be able to use a single charger and cable to charge all their mobile devices.

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