StadioPlus collects 1,500,000 in the first week…

Spain’s most important NFL sports platform, led by Jon Vatelevich and former NBA champion Luis Scola, Raised over $1.5 million in just seven days From the beginning of the presale of your $Stadio token. This week too, It added among its investors the ZBS Capital Fundwhich specializes in the crypto and blockchain sector and is known for its strong relationships with Various investment capital.

The platform that is among its founders John Fatljevic and former Olympic champion and former NBA player Luis ScolaYou’re in luck, because within just one week of pre-selling your product $ Stadio . symbol It raised more than $1.5 million. The sale of this new crypto is still in its early stage of Pre-sale, anyone can access it through their website and will stay until March 31.

Moreover, this is not the only news that StadioPlus It celebrates, since these days it has joined its investors, who today number about 150, International Fund ZBS Capitalspecializing in investments in the world of crypto and blockchain, with partners of niche CryptoDiffer, String Broker, Crypto Rank or Unicrypt.

“We have exceeded expectations in this first week since we launched the ICO. There is practically no precedent in Spain for a similar group in such a short timeWe are very happy and confident. The most important thing is that the pre-sale is still open until March 31 and we hope to cover the entire tour ahead of schedule.”

So far, it has been the StadioPlus community, investors and private funds who have been able to show their confidence in this first stage of the ICO, which consists of a special stage at $0.10 and a pre-sale stage that guarantees the purchase of the token at $0. $20.

Vatelevich insisted on the reason for these findings: “Nearly 150 investors trust and people trust because we have a platform that was already running before this ICO was launched. And we have a strong community that supports the project and buys our NFTs.”

About StadioPlus:
StadioPlus is the most important sports platform for NFTs in Spain and Latin America and one of the most relevant on the European continent. Known, among other things, for being pioneers and a link between the world of sports and art in the sector of NFTs, with former Inter Milan icons Javier ZanettiDesigned by crypto artist Javier Arrés, or his collections of NFTs from Maradona. Its alliances with athletes of NBA caliber Facundo Campazzo or number 1 of ATP, John Charles Ferreroin addition to many High level clubs and competitionsestablished it as one of the best platforms globally in its sector.



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