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Uber customers will eventually be able to pay for delivery and food delivery with cryptocurrency. The company is waiting for the technology to become cheaper and more environmentally friendly, after which it will decide to start using it.

Will Uber accept cryptocurrency in the future? at some point Certainly,” he said Dara KhosrowshahiCEO of Uber. While some companies have already started accepting cryptocurrencies, many are less enthusiastic about it and point to the volatility of the coins.

Uber Technologies Inc. You will “one day” join Microsoft Corp. Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment in its application. According to Khosrowshahi, Uber will accept cryptocurrencies in the future. “We’re not currently in a situation where this makes sensehe said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Khosrowshahi cited transaction costs, which can be linked to high transaction fees, and the environmental impact of digital mining on the power grid as reasons that Uber has not yet introduced the technology.

We are constantly talking about the possibilities that cryptocurrencies bringSaeed Khosrowshahi. “As the transaction mechanism becomes cheaper and more environmentally friendly, we will be more inclined towards cryptocurrencyhe added.

In addition to Uber, Apple also announced that sooner or later it will accept cryptocurrency payments, and Coinbase plans to accept direct deposits in crypto so that you can receive payments directly into your crypto wallet…but maybe it’s time to find out the correct value of cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin Trader

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