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The success of the company depends on many variables. The most important is the homogeneity, order and organization of the whole company.

In search of rapid growth and long-term success, companies focus on digital solutions that, through automation, digitization and flexibility, prepare the company for sudden changes in the workplace. However, the company’s success does not depend solely on digital solutions. More and more companies are focusing their strategies on sustainability and a better carbon footprint. If digital services arrange the wrapper in the digital space, what do you need to modify the wrapper in the physical world? Although technology is developing at the speed of light, waste separation containers remain the best tool for proper waste management.

An organized office environment has become a natural for many. Imagine offices without waste separation bins, businesses without space for proper waste management. Over time, a turbulent work environment will affect employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity. At the same time, improper segregation or waste management may affect the company’s environmental footprint, which also directly affects the company’s reputation and success.

How can you make sure nature stays clean?

Stick to a very simple rule. The more containers and waste collection points you have, the more streamlined the whole process will be for your employees, who will therefore contribute to a greener future with proper segregation.

Place trash cans in appropriate places throughout the work area. It is recommended that you place a trash can next to every desk and close to every printer. If you have a document shredder in your office, you are sure to come across a mountain of shredded paper, which means that the paper container is almost as important as your laptop or printer. For example, offices can be equipped with a set of three waste containers (55 liters), which can be separated with lids of different colors. The lids also differ in opening. Two covers have a round hole for sorting different waste, and the third cover has an elongated hole and is specially designed for paper. Containers have built-in lift handles for easy movement and bag holders that keep the trash bag in place. You’ll notice rubber feet under the container, which will keep the container stable even on uneven ground.

You can also put a recycling bin with a seat under the table. Inside there is enough space for three smaller baskets. However, you can also use it as a practical bench. The container and inner containers are made of recycled plastic, which is durable and long lasting.

For warehouses and production facilities, it is recommended to place waste containers and collection points near the places where most waste is produced. With a set of two larger containers (60 liters) installed on the trolley, you will delight the employees, as they will get rid of larger amounts of waste faster and effortlessly.

Every office and every warehouse produces several different types of waste, which means you should take care of separate waste containers and name them sensibly. Different covers are usually used for better understanding, and clearly marked labels are a good alternative. In the kitchen, make sure that plastic, glass and metal waste has its proper place to dispose of. Also keep separate bins for vital waste. A complete waste sorting plant consisting of three sturdy polypropylene bins (1 x 7 liters and 2 x 12 liters) is recommended. Large baskets are mounted on a sliding stand, which makes them easy to reach.

What Waste Separation Containers and Containers Work Best?

In addition to the previously mentioned waste containers and containers, we have found quite a few convenient solutions online. Among them, you will surely find at least one that best suits your work environment.

A combination of two (30L) or three (45L) waste bins with pedals are suitable for offices, schools, shops and restaurants. Due to its durable stainless steel design, it can also be used in harsh environments and public places. Inside each drawer there is a removable waste bin with a handle, making it easy for you to empty and clean. The lid of the basket, which is usually dirty and rarely like to touch, can be opened without your hands, using the attached pedal.

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