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Intel’s Arc Alchemist DG2 graphics cards have come out on top as they are expected to go on sale soon. This will be a special family of graphics cards that will also be used to play computer games, and the computer giant will be marketing it under the name Arc. For PCs, they are also expected to receive the Alchemist DG2 label, in order to make it easier for users to distinguish them from built-in solutions. Of course, they will be more powerful compared to the portable and compact versions.

The most powerful Intel graphics card in the Arc Alchemist DG2 family is expected to be equipped with up to 4,096 graphics cores, 512 CPU cores, and up to 16GB of GDDR6 system memory. Additionally, it will be outfitted with a six-foot-by-eight-foot connector. This means that the electricity consumption will be limited to 225 watts, at least in theory. However, the new product should easily cope with the most graphically demanding PC games.

According to online rumors, the family of Intel’s Arc Alchemist DG2 graphics cards for PC will support up to 5 computer monitors. Four monitors will use the classic ports, while a USB-C port will be available for the fifth monitor. More information about Intel’s Arc Alchemist DG2 family graphics cards is expected to be known soon, as the news will go on sale soon.

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