The innovative Chrome OS finally…

Until now, Google’s Chrome OS was only available for some computer models, such as Chromebooks. However, Google recently decided to make a change. This is now available to all PC users, completely free of charge. This is a version of Chrome OS Flex.

Google Chrome OS Flex is compatible with both Windows and macOS computers. The new one is suitable for both educational institutions and business users and is fully compatible with all other Google cloud services. The main advantage of Chrome OS Flex is that it starts up in just a few seconds. In addition, updates are installed in the “background”, which means that it does not bother users.

In addition, the free Google Chrome OS Flex has all the necessary security solutions, so users do not need an additional antivirus. Google Chrome OS Flex is available for free download at: The new version can be installed via a USB memory stick or over a network. When existing users sign in, all their data and settings will be automatically synced to the new PC.

You will need at least eight gigabytes of memory key to install the free Chrome OS Flex. The PC could, of course, be of an older caliber. For Google Chrome OS Flex, a PC with at least 4 GB of system memory, 16 GB of storage space and any 64-bit compatible processor will suffice. A list of Google-certified computers that can easily run the free Chrome OS Flex is available at

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