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Robotic vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable home accessory because they give us comfort. We can even say that they are a rare device that does the whole job for us.

We’ve mentioned many times that not all robotic vacuum cleaners are good robotic vacuums. IRobot Roomba is definitely at the top of the list, thanks to an advanced feature in the iRobot app called floor plan storage, which gives you complete control over your cleaning from anywhere.

Do you think having an app to control the operation of a robot from afar is superfluous? Imagine the following scenario. The robotic vacuum cleaner and alarm system are often incompatible. Some people do not use the suction function according to predetermined schedules precisely because the robot triggers motion sensors in the room and often also an alarm. But at the same time, it is better if the robot sucks when there is no one at home, so the device does not bother anyone. Isn’t this a great option to start working remotely, from anywhere at any time, and if necessary, turn off the alarm remotely for that shorter time, if necessary? It looks great, but there is one problem. Since there is no one at home, no one will be able to help the robot in case it malfunctions. We usually know where there are opportunities for that because he’s had problems there before. So the solution to this challenge is simply to tell him not to go there. And this solution exists only if the robotic vacuum cleaner is advanced enough, has sufficiently accurate sensors and is able to draw the floor plan (map) of the dwelling!

Most will agree that Roombe’s job is to map, and it’s a very important, if not the most important and at the same time useful function. It allows for a whole bunch of very useful things. We draw and mark the boundaries of the rooms so that, if necessary, we send the bot only to the group or chosen one. After vacuuming we see where everything is and where the floor may have been the dirtiest. In addition to rooms, limited cleaning areas can be specified on the floor plan as needed or permanently. It is very convenient, for example, to mark the areas around the dining table or kitchen counter, and after cooking or after a meal, when it is time for a short break, we send Roombo there. This is far from everything. For many, the most important option remained the default selection of the suction area. There are always areas where we don’t want a bot. Either near pet food and water containers, where there are objects on the floor where he can get tangled, ledges he can get stuck under, or areas where he gets stuck multiple times. Until recently, we had to restrict access to handy household items, such as chairs or special devices called a virtual wall. However, none of this is as comfortable as drawing lines across the Roomba map in an app that you can’t cross, or the areas you want. It couldn’t be simpler! Do all this in a very friendly and intuitive way that will not cause any problems for anyone. You can choose what you want to change in the floor plan, edit it, and then do so by touching and swiping with your finger after viewing the floor plan on the screen of your smart mobile device.

Did you know that you can set up so-called cleaning actions in the iRobot app? Suppose you want to run the robot after breakfast at a certain time, you can order it and specify exactly where, how much and how to do this work. However, you can also run all these preset actions remotely.

Some Roombes can store more than one floor plan, which is welcome if you have multiple floors of the house. Arrange each one as you see fit to avoid problems that may occur to the robot while sucking. It is also convenient that he does not have to indicate the floor plan (floor). Put it where it’s supposed to suck, and then he’ll figure out where it is and use the appropriate floor plan from his group to work. Another very useful feature. do you agree?

In general, the iRobot application has become a useful tool and a real add-on for controlling the operation of the robotic vacuum cleaner. It is what makes using the robot more comfortable, convenient and also safer in all respects. We can stop it remotely if we want, if it gets stuck while sucking or other problems occur. We were informed of this in due course. More importantly, the iRobot app provides remote control of the robot without compromising the privacy and security of use in any way. This is take care!

TÜV-certified data encryption with the Roomba j7+ vacuum cleaner is one of the best possible data protection methods. In this particular case, it is true that even if he is reluctant to access the data, it is in an unreadable form and does not help him. When furnishing a (smart) home, we must not forget about the importance of this element, that the devices themselves or their manufacturers provide a high level of protection, which will be even more important in the coming years of technological expansion.

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