Goodbye did not try BlackBerry 5G! …

A year ago, Blackberry announced that it was back in the smartphone market with the help of new licensing partners OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile Limited. Their first smartphone must have seen the light of day last year. In addition, it should bring a good number of attractions. Among them, additional security for users of mobile services, the addition of a physical QWERTY keyboard and support for 5G fast mobile network should stand out.

Unfortunately, this would not be the case in practice. OnwardMobility has announced that it is finally closing its doors. As a result, the company lost all rights to the BlackBerry trademark. Many believe that OnwardMobility’s collapse is in fact due to BlackBerry’s recent sale of a large portion of its patents. These were patents related to messaging and wireless technology with a total value of €529 million.

With the collapse of OnwardMobility, the last hope for the new BlackBerry phone has collapsed. Many experts are convinced that BlackBerry business phones will not return to the market. The smartphone market is already so saturated that there is practically no room for small businesses. At least not for companies that really lack innovation.

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