He is a worthy successor…

If you follow the world of mobile phones, then you are sure that in 2017, according to many experts, the best Android smartphone for mobile phones saw the light of day. It contained practically everything that users need to play entertainment and work. Unfortunately for many Android fans, all the benefits of the Essential Phone (Essential PH-1) smartphone did not convince mobile users. Perhaps one of the main reasons was the high price. The poor sales performance of the otherwise high-end device forced Essential to go bankrupt at the start of 2020 and subsequently wind up its business.

It looks like the Essential Phone smartphone will soon return to the market under the auspices of OSOM. OSOM has long been the owner of Essential and everything else registered in its name with the UK Intellectual Property Office. According to online rumors, the first OSOM smartphone will be ready for sale this summer in the US, Canada and Europe. The novelty will be equipped with the sales brand OSOM OV1 and will undoubtedly be something special.

The first images of the novelty also show that the OSOM OV1 smartphone will be something special. The latest webcam with high-quality cameras will be of particular interest. Of course, there will also be a very powerful system for fast charging. As we mentioned earlier, you will know more about the OSOM OV1 smartphone in the next few months.

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