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Today, the company needs a digital office where employees can share documents, communicate and be efficient. The times when we were all in offices in one place saying goodbye.

Many companies have identified the importance of digitalization with the emergence of the Corona virus and related measures. Offices moved into their homes as quickly as possible and digitization took place at lightning speed. They find that without effective document sharing solutions and without an effective remote connection, it just won’t work. They also found that the “work from home” situation is not just a temporary solution, but in many cases has become a part of everyday life. Businesses and employees have benefited from this.

SimpOffice was first used by themselves for two years, and then it was released to the market

One of these solutions is SimpOffice digital office in the cloud. It was created in 3SIGMA doo, where it was tested for two years before being released to the market. They have created a modern digital office that companies, regardless of their size, can adapt to their use and business. SimpOffice gives you complete control over your data.

Private, safe and easy

The application, like many others, is a kind of “task manager” and at the same time allows chatting between co-workers. And what makes it special?

Great focus is placed on the company aggregate. The architectural design solution is unique and built with data security in mind. “The company has everything installed on its premises, including server work. 3SIGMA doo’s Miha Abrahamsberg explains that all communications are within the company’s IT environment and do not pass through a remote server that knows where.”

You will now be able to keep your data in a safe place. The security of the software is provided by the solution provider, and you can manage users of the system and assign them a different set of rights. All communications are encrypted (SSL encryption), so unprepared people cannot help themselves with it, even if they are intercepted.

Another advantage is Ease of use. You know how many times he’s been doing with managers. First, you need a few working hours to get used to and master at least the basic functions, and a few more hours to get used to your skin. SimpOffice is designed with a clear, transparent and simple interface – this is a big plus. It does not need conditioning, it does not have a set of unnecessary functions, it is very transparent and easy to use. Create a new conversation in seconds, easily and quickly.

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