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What protects us in the car? In previous decades, we mostly relied on seat belts and ABS. Other sensors were only present in premium cars.

Today, the story is different as cars become smart. If there was only a radio on the dashboard, then today you have a large screen under which the processor and several sensors are hidden that protect you on the road. But how can you ensure more safety in the car, especially for younger passengers? Cybex has the answer.

CYBEX, a German manufacturer of car seats and wheelchairs, is pioneering innovation in the world of child safety by introducing the 50% Anoris T i-Size seat to the market. [1] More protection than other conventional forward-facing seats

Cybex Anuris T It is the first car seat with revolutionary airbag technology for full body protection, making safe driving for your child comfortable. With integrated airbag technology, the forward-facing seat offers 50% more protection* than other forward-facing seats. Compared with conventional rear-facing child seats, Anoris has better overall performance in terms of active and passive protection, which only confirms its uncompromising safety. The child’s journey becomes interesting, and you can easily communicate with the child through the rear view mirror due to its forward direction. The child has enough legroom in the seat, and its advantage is that the seat grows with it. Safety, practicality, quality and design are the main reasons why the products exist Cybex A must-have in modern parenting and the number one choice for millions of parents around the world.

Innovations in the field of children’s products

Cybex A leader in innovative products for children. In 2012, they revolutionized the market with their award-winning rear-facing car seat Cybex Sirona. The Sirona’s unique swivel mechanism for easy ascent and excellent safety results became the new industry standard at the time. It’s been nine years Cybex according to planning Anuris TI Size To the market again a pioneer.

In CYBEX, the question is never if something will happen, but only when it will happen. For decades, airbags have been an important vehicle safety feature, protecting adults from serious injury in the event of an accident. Since the founding of CYBEX in 2005, we have had a vision to create a car seat that also makes this technology accessible to children. Thanks to the tireless work of our development team over the past 16 years and new technologies, we are proud to introduce the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size, which offers over 50% more protection* than other car seats thanks to our integrated airbag technology. ” He said Martin Boss, founder of CYBEX.

Safety with innovative airbag technology

Cybex car seats It offers world-class safety, innovative design and functionality with more than 200 awards in European safety tests. The next generation of child safety begins now. In a traditional forward-facing car seat, the child is secured with belts – in a frontal collision, the head moves forward, so rocking injuries can occur very quickly. airbag Anoris T i-Size SeatBuilt into the shield, which provides impact protection, protecting the fragile baby’s head and neck in the event of a collision. The airbag inflates in milliseconds, opening and expanding into a C-shape in front of the child. Compared to traditional forward-facing child seats, Anuris It affirms its safety without hesitation – with better overall performance in terms of both active and passive safety.

Why choose the Anoris T i-Size?

Because in CYBEX there is more and more. Forward guidance enables easier and unlimited communication with the child through the rearview mirror. It is suitable for children with a height of 76 cm and can be easily adjusted up to the sixth year of the child’s life or up to a height of 115 cm and a maximum weight of 21 kg. The seat is comfortable and can be adjusted to three comfortable positions so that children can fall asleep easily during long trips. It’s safe, easy to install and incredibly fun to ride in.

In Slovenia, you can buy ANORIS products in Baby Center stores.

[1] *This value is derived from the results of internal collision tests taking into account the ADAC (2021) frontal crash test standards.

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