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From now on, domains are no longer limited to letters and numbers, as we can access the new future with the help of the Opera browser.

Opera is now working with Yat, the web address provider, to enable a new future in the use of emoji-based domains.

Have you ever wanted to use emojis instead of text to load a website? You can now do this in Opera for laptops and desktop computers.

The browser manufacturer has recently officially announced its support for emoji-based web addresses. This means that users can enter a set of emoji symbols in the URL bar. When searching, the browser will load an associated site – assuming the address of the emotional symbol is registered and valid.

“Opera users can forego .com or even the words in their links and use emojis to direct them to websites. It’s a new, easier and more fun way to access websites,” said Jørgen Arnesen, Executive Vice President of Opera for Mobile.

The company created this feature with the help of Yata, an emoticon-based web address provider from Tennessee. Through Yata, anyone can register a set of custom emojis as their URL for a fee. Examples of some domains are🌈🚀👽, which is registered to singer Kesha, and🦇🌹, who belongs to rapper G-Eazy.

Currently, the main limitation is the need to add “” before a bunch of emojis. However, Yat is working with Opera to solve this limitation by integrating the emoji address reading feature directly into the browser.

“Opera users can easily insert 👽🎵 into mobile and desktop browsers to access Lil Wayne,” Opera said. Additionally, emojis embedded in web pages are now automatically linked to the corresponding Yat page.

However, whether the job will be retained is an entirely different matter. It’s probably easier to remember a URL like than a set of seemingly unrelated emoticons, especially since there are currently over 3,600 emojis available.

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