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You probably have access to the World Wide Web for granted, but not all countries in the world.

YouTube is a popular video-sharing site, but it is one of the least accessible in some parts of the world and in some environments (such as school libraries).

NordVPN researchers have estimated which sites people would like to unblock using Google’s search term analysis tools.

YouTube was at the top of the list worldwide. 82.7 percent of those looking for how to unblock online services tried to access this popular site. YouTube is the “home page” of content that is often blocked in censorship countries, but it’s also a site that’s often blocked in schools.

It is followed by Facebook (6.2 percent), Google (5.7 percent), Instagram (1.8 percent) and Reddit (1.5 percent).

However, the largest censorship of access to the World Wide Web is being felt in China. Chinese often look for ways to unblock Google (40.4 percent), YouTube (31.6 percent), Facebook (8.8 percent), Instagram (8.8 percent) and Twitter (7.9 percent).

“NordVPN noticed a significant increase in inquiries from Hong Kong when the new security law was introduced,” said Daniel Marcuson, NordVPN’s digital privacy expert, in a statement released on the survey.

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