Ethereum developers can earn up to $100,000 annually with this training

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is a world covered mostly by men. Above all, in the jobs that exist in the industry. That is why, in order to fill this gap, a Uruguayan developer named Ale who has been working on Ethereum for five years has opened a women-only course.

Ale, who goes by the nickname “Ethernaut”, announce: “I really feel like this space is very unbalanced and could use more feminine energy.” for this reason, Through her teaching, she seeks to contribute a grain of sand so that there is a gender balance among the developers of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The training is not sponsored by an organization. Although he claims it If you land a job as a developer in the industry, the standard minimum salary for EthernautDAO is $100,000 per yearThis equates to more than $8,300 per month.


Usually this type of work can be done from anywhere in the world, as it is usually remote. It only requires an internet connection. This is one of the factors that characterizes programming jobs and also the decentralized cryptocurrency industry.

The tutorial is aimed at programmers who already know how to code

The important thing to make clear is that tutoring is not aimed at beginners. You need to know coding to be able to do this. What the teacher will focus on is training specifically on Web 3.

The Ethereum programmer specifies that you must have Javascript experience and knowledge of open source software development. A semi-high-level would be fine. The developer warns: “I will not be teaching programming. The tutorial will focus on what you need to know so you can get involved in web 3 development as soon as possible.”

The mentorship seeks to get more women to work as developers on Ethereum. Source: Gerzon Pinata /

The course is flexible so that it can be flexibly grouped according to the intent of the learner. It is not directed to a specific protocol, unless the requester wants to. Ethernaut says, “We can do a general training and then focus on the challenge, the protocol, the topic, the role, etc.”

During the training, the intern will be expected to make significant contributions to the existing protocol or building a proof of concept (POC). POC is to implement an idea to check its viability as it may be useful.

The course lasts for a maximum of two months with a workload of two to four hours per week. It can be 100% remote with one or two calls per week and with fewer people. The idea is that only one or two students enter the course. Those interested can apply by sending a private message to Ethernaut #2991 on Discord.

The duration of the course makes sense, considering that, as CriptoNoticias reported, a recent study of Solidity, the Ethereum code language, revealed that it can be learned in just one month. This was estimated after surveying developers from 73 countries, including some from Latin America and Spain. In addition, they mentioned that it is easier for those who know programming languages ​​such as Javascript, C or Python.

Solidity’s study also revealed that It is possible to learn the language and get a job quickly on Ethereum. This is because the majority of developers surveyed stated that in less than six months they feel productive with the language.

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