Get ready, Trump just…

After removing Trump from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, he’s back with a new platform. What this brings to its users will be shown over time, and we’re sure to hear more about the platform.

It definitely happened. Donald Trump’s social network, TRUTH, has been officially revealed in the US section of the App Store.

Since October last year, when Trump announced the creation of the new company, many things have happened. In December of last year, investors invested $1 billion in Digital World Acquisition Corp., a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPAC) vehicle intended to fund the Truth platform. Rumors of the social network’s imminent launch surfaced in January, with no launch date set, and the company then began testing the app in closed beta with around 500 users.

It all started last year when Trump was removed from major platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Shopify while he was president.

Donald Trump Jr. even invited Elon Musk to build this social network for him, but he may have been working elsewhere.

Since no one responded to the call, Trump & Co. said we decided to create their own platform and now we’ve already got it.

Conservative social media has been present in the form of networks like Gettr and Gab for some time. But Truth’s Truth platform could be the ultimate right-wing flag bearer – and a new home for users who have been blocked on the aforementioned major networks for one reason or another.

There are many questions about how the platform will work and how it will deal with the inevitable challenges of moderating user-generated content. More than achieving growth or making profits, Truth must avoid Parler’s fate and prevent hate speech. Otherwise, the app may be removed from the App Store and lose its user base.

Now that the social network is up and running, Trump supporters are already arguing that this is the next big success story. Interestingly enough, most of these supporters are still on the platform’s waiting list. At the time of writing, the Truth website was not allowing new visitors access – possibly to avoid a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

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