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Extend your factory warranty or technical support with your HPE Post Warranty service packages
HPE ProLiant Server. Benefit from the sales campaign from February 17, 2022 to July 29, 2022 inclusive.

Managing IT infrastructure can be stressful

Providing business services and uninterrupted access to data can be a very stressful task, especially in small and medium-sized organizations with a small team of experts and limited financial resources. As long as the IT equipment still has a valid warranty or the warranty has been upgraded with the manufacturer’s support services, the company has a guaranteed level of security and protection. Manufacturer’s warranty and operating services provide replacement parts, access to software updates, troubleshooting, replacement of defective parts by an on-site HPE specialist, and most importantly, anticipated maintenance costs. After the warranty or maintenance contract expires, the IT team is left to its own discretion. He must run a system prone to vulnerabilities, hardware failures, business service failures, and all unexpected maintenance costs, and invest his time to get business services back to work order.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers manufacturer warranty extension and support services. HPE Post Warranty Support Services provides access to firmware updates, on-site HPE expert response, and troubleshooting for hardware, including replacement parts, even after the expiration of the warranty or existing support services. It is easier to purchase these services for small and medium-sized businesses, as HPE offers support at various levels in the form of service packages. With a one-time purchase, the cost of technical support for the next specified period is planned, predictable and cost-effective, as the implementation of technical support does not incur additional costs associated with the purchase of spare parts or travel expenses to visit a qualified engineer.

Easy selection and purchase of support services from the manufacturer

HPE Pointnext makes it easy to upgrade your warranty by purchasing HPE Pointnext Tech Care service packages. s HPE Post Warranty Support packages are possible Extend warranty or support services for one (1) year or two (2) years, Already 119 days before or no later than 44 days after expiration Existing warranties or support services. One-time purchase of the package provides a specified level of support for a certain period, without additional implementation costs. If HPE continues to provide support for a product that is no longer for sale, a renewal is also possible. Three levels of HPE support packages are available:

  • HPE Tech Care Basic Provides a response within 2 hours of normal business hours (9 x 5) and a response at the customer site the next business day after the error is reported.
  • HPE Tech Care Essential Provides remote response within 15 minutes (24 x 7 x 365) to critical Level 1 incidents and response at customer site within four (4) hours of fault reporting.
  • HPE Tech Care Critical Provides remote response within 15 minutes (24 x 7 x 365) to critical Level 1 incidents and hardware troubleshooting within six (6) hours of error reporting. Requests for assistance are given priority.

HPE Pointnext Tech Care services go beyond traditional technical support, providing general technical guidance for operation, management and information security. You can read more about HPE Pointnext Tech Care support services here.

do not wait …

Troubleshooting without factory warranty or support services is an unpredictable process in time and cost. Any failure of the business system is stressful not only for the company’s IT professionals, who are trying to establish a normal operation as quickly as possible, but also for all employees and customers. With HPE Tech Care, certified HPE experts respond quickly when an error is reported, ensuring effective troubleshooting.

Proper selection of support services is essential for the smooth operation of IT systems, extending the life of system equipment and quickly restoring the system to normal operation. By extending the timely support services, the company obtains:

  • Provided access to firmware updates and security fixes,
  • The ability to use HPE InfoSight and other information sources for regular maintenance and improvement of IT systems,
  • Ensure access to manufacturer technical assistance,
  • A predictable one-time cost of providing technical support, including management of technical assistance requests, HPE expert response on site, and spare parts at no additional cost.

Verify that the warranty or support period for your servers, disk and backup systems, and network equipment is still in effect or has expired. For HPE and Aruba products, you can easily check the status on the HPE Warranty Check website, you only need the serial number.

With your partner in HPE or Aruba, they will help you choose the right support service for your business. in the period from February 17, 2022 to July 29, 2022 inclusive You can also take advantage of the HPE Post Warranty Support Services sales campaign, which offers two years of basic and basic support packages for the price of one year*.

*HPE Post Warranty offer applies to HPE ProLiant servers: DL20 Gen9, Gen10, DL60 Gen9, DL80 Gen9, DL160 Gen9, Gen10, DL180 Gen9, Gen10, DL360 Gen9, Gen10, DL380 Gen9, Gen10, Microserver Gen10, Gen10 Plus, ML30 Gen9 in Gen10, ML110 Gen9 in Gen10, ML150 Gen9, ML350 Gen9 in Gen10. The special offer offers basic and basic levels of support packages for two years. It is valid for package purchase and registration for the period from February 17, 2022 to July 29, 2022 inclusive. HPE Post Warranty service packages can be purchased and registered for a maximum of 119 days prior to expiration and no more than 44 days after warranty expiration.

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