The Samsung Galaxy S22 can also be used …

The new Galaxy S22 from Samsung is also very useful in locations that are not well covered by the mobile operator’s signal.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is more likely to stay connected to the mobile network than other phones. You will notice the difference especially if you are often in locations with limited connectivity.

If you are having trouble staying connected to the carrier’s network, the Samsung Galaxy S22 might be the solution. In testing at PCMag, Samsung’s Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra significantly outperformed their predecessors when the signal was weak.

Looking at the US market, the phones of the S22 line are the first to feature Qualcomm’s RF X65 modem, which Qualcomm says has two features that will improve low signal performance: a new tracker and artificial intelligence “amplification” of the signal.

Both innovations improve the radio signal so that only the best possible results are obtained from difficult situations. These features may soon appear in other phones that have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, but the S22 models are the only phones you’re using right now.

The results were as follows: In extremely low signal conditions (less than -120 dBm of LTE signal), S22 phones consistently reported better signal strength than similar S21 models using Qualcomm’s previous generation X60 modem. (All models in the iPhone 13 line also use the X6; for reference.) This “feature” applies as long as the signal is weaker than -110 dBm.

In stronger signal environments, older models often showed better results in terms of signal strength, but this is not very important. In speed tests over a signal in the mid-to-good range, the newer models also consistently outperformed the older ones, which is what we expect from newer models after all.

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