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In an era where a large number of employees are working from home, the risk of attack on end users’ devices is also increasing. When a laptop leaves the office’s security and network, it becomes more vulnerable.

Every computer, tablet or mobile phone is subject to a number of threats that can come virtually anywhere and anytime you connect to the device over the Internet. The tool that tracks most of the malware used by hackers for cyber attacks can effectively prevent most threats.

A database for continuous learning about cyber threats

This is exactly what the world’s largest Cisco computer threat database can do. With a combination of cloud, AMP4E, and canopy solutions, every endpoint has a high level of protection no matter where it is. The features of these security solutions go beyond the capabilities of traditional antivirus programs.

For example, Umbrella automatically detects malicious activity and blocks you from entering your device. At this point, let’s say that in a very small percentage of cases the attack precedes Umbrello – that’s when AMP4E does its job, actively detects the threat and even provides a detailed overview of the attacks on the device.

Together with ALEF security oversight, these tools provide customers with a highly robust and uninterrupted line of defense against security incidents. All of these products are constantly being learned and improved with the increasing cyber threats. As a result, they can adequately deal with the latest threats and not become careless.

Multiple levels of protection

The general safety of peripheral devices can be achieved at two levels. As part of the basic package, ALEF ensures the smooth operation of the system and in the event of a security incident not only prevents this, but also provides you with its analysis, which includes recommendations for appropriate steps to increase security in the future.

However, the Plus package already includes the fact that they will take the necessary technical actions on your behalf. They will ensure complete security and continuous improvement in this area.

Cisco Umbrella and AMP4E products protect more than 200 billion connections daily from more than 100 million companies in 190 countries. This allows you to travel worry-free with your devices and keep valuable company data safe.

ALEF WaveShield and ALEF StreamShield to protect your business network

To enhance the security of your corporate network, ALEF has effective and proven solutions. Based on innovative Cisco Meraki technology, ALEF WaveShield is ideal for small organizations with up to 50 employees. It allows you to create a local data network, including a strong Wi-Fi in your office, a secure Internet connection, and a higher level of security than the standard for the entire network and end user devices.

ALEF StreamShield is for companies with 50 to 100 employees. Getting started is easy and means you will have a LAN installed in your office to which local devices like server and printer will be connected. They will also securely connect your organization to the Internet and release high-capacity Wi-Fi for you.

The service includes the installation of a Cisco Webex video conferencing system. With Cisco’s security solutions, which are the foundation of its services, all parts of the network, including video calls and user terminals, will be protected from the vast majority of malware used by hackers for cyber attacks.

In addition, ALEF StreamShield protects peripheral devices whether they are connected to a LAN or from anywhere across the web.

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