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Epson, the leading provider of bill and label printers, has introduced the latest mPOS label printer for hospitality, retail and delivery. The TM-L100 is an ultra-compact, ribbon-free label printer that offers complete and easy ePOS integration into iOS, Android and Java environments with existing POS systems. The printer includes Bluetooth connectivity with a quick sync feature and the ability to charge other devices, which means users can sync their devices with the printer quickly and easily, speeding up existing work processes. Devices like tablets will now be more efficient, as it will allow users to work more productively, have less chance of errors and faster labeling times.

It is important to note that the new eco-friendly printer eliminates plastic waste when printing ethic, as its media does not require peeling back, which saves time when installing labels. Using this label printer also reduces the possibility of errors with handwritten labels and means information such as customer name, delivery address and food content is clearly displayed.

The printer supports a wide range of plastic-free media, including thick, highly sticky semi-permanent labels. Another eco-friendly feature is Epson’s advanced paper reduction feature, which dramatically reduces paper consumption and waste. “The new TM-L100 is designed to help food delivery providers introduce a click-through system and deliver deliveries more efficiently,” said Hervé Thevenin, Product Manager for Labeling at Epson Europe. Plastic Baseless labels can improve workflow by eliminating the need to peel and write labels by hand, which is time-consuming and error-prone.The TM-L100 prints clear, legible labels that can contain a variety of useful information, such as Customer information and food content. With built-in ePOS solutions, the TM-L100 can be easily integrated into any environment.”

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