Face ID will also work with masks

Apple recently announced that the face recognition system will soon recognize the user even with the protective mask on.

The days when it was necessary to remove the protective cover to unlock the phone are history. At least according to Apple.

If you’ve (ever) tried to use Face ID with a mask on your phone, with an OS version earlier than iOS 15.4—when using Apple Pay or unlocking an iPhone—it was a waste of time. Face ID did not recognize the half-covered user.

An iOS update last spring provided a partial solution with your Apple Watch, but if you don’t have one of your Apple smartwatches, you’re out of luck. Until now.

With iOS 15.4, which is technically still in beta and only available to developers and public beta users, you’ll finally be able to use Face ID to unlock your device and pay or enter passwords in your iPhone.

The setting can be operated in just three steps: “Settings” > “Face ID & Passcode” > “Use Face ID with a Mask”

Setting up Face ID with the mask works almost the same as setting up a regular Face ID, except that the focus is on authenticating the unique features around the eyes. Once you set this command, which will take about a minute, you will be able to unlock your iPhone while wearing the case (and even when you don’t have it).

However, if you don’t have iOS 15.4, iPhone 12 or 13, you can still unlock your iPhone with a mask using your Apple Watch. You will need to have iOS 14.5 or later and WatchOS 7.4 or later for this.

The procedure for enabling this setting is also very simple: “Settings” > “Face ID & Passcode” > Enter PIN > “Unlock with Apple Watch”

So in the future, all you have to do to unlock your phone (even with the cover on) is keep your phone upright as you normally would with Face ID. If you have an Apple smartwatch, it will feel a slight vibration on your wrist, letting you know that your watch has been used to unlock your phone.

However, the warning on your watch is more than just a confirmation that your phone is unlocked. There is also a button on the watch to lock the phone if someone else unlocks it. This is a safety feature that ensures that no one else can grab and unlock your phone while wearing a protective cover.

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